"Worn out boots, guitar resting casually on his lap, brass slide slipped loosely over the fourth finger of his left hand, Sam “Redbreast” Wilson commands the stage with as much coolness and composure as any of the great musicians of the Mississippi Delta."

“Hillstomp Boogie” is what it’s called, and indeed, the rhythmic guitar and haunting lyrics, sung with just the right amount of southern twang, perfectly recall the hot and sultry atmosphere of the juke joints of Hill Country, North Mississippi. Accompanied by his band, The Juke Joint Revival, Sam flawlessly pulls off classic tunes by R. L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, and T-Model Ford, and throws in a number of originals as well, each with the same authentic zest of the American South. The trio’s fiery dynamics, breakneck tempos, and hypnotic rhythms make for an excellent dance music, while Sam's sharp, wry sense of humor brings it all back down to earth, presenting the audience with an entertaining, exhilarating, and ultimately, memorable musical experience.


Sam’s passion for music began in his early childhood when he would sing folk songs together with his father, who was a gifted fiddler. From there he developed an interest in drums, which he proceeded to study at a high level, playing in various bands throughout high school. Then, as a teenager, he discovered old video footage of the Newport Folk Festival 1966, with classic performances from the likes of Skip James, Bukka White, and Son House. Sam had found his true calling. He was possessed by the music of the Mississippi Delta, and the sound of the resonator guitar. And so, he taught himself to play, mimicking what he heard in the old recordings. Soon he began playing in bars, then at some small festivals, and even busking on the streets across Europe. He found that his experience as a drummer suited him to the uptempo rhythmic approach to guitar characteristic of Hill Country music.